Anything can happen in your average work day, so make sure you’re prepared with these six office desk essentials.

A reusable water bottle

We all know that we don’t drink enough water. We make a conscious effort to drink two litres once a month when we remember, but it isn’t a regular thing. So why not put a reusable water bottle on your desk? If your brain’s dehydrated you’re going find it difficult to think clearly, so more water will help you stay productive too.

Avoid buying plastic bottles though. They leak chemicals and aren’t particularly reusable. Meaning you’re going to throw them in the bin, which will have an impact on the environment.

A stress ball

A lot of people have a sort of nervous twitch when thinking at their desk. I’m a pen spinner. I sit and spin the thing until an idea pops into my head and it’s very annoying for colleagues. Pick up a stress ball that you can squeeze in silence while you plot your ideas out.

Light snacks

There’s nothing worse than the mid-afternoon fit of hunger. You have another three hours to go before you head home, you’re two hours into the afternoon, and there’s nothing to eat. Times like these you wish you had a snack at your desk, right?

Have a small box filled to the brim with light snacks like breakfast bars for those afternoons that you’re feeling a little peckish.

The day’s priorities

If you look at our blog on remaining productive at work you’ll notice that we mentioned keeping a to-do list. This to-do list is an essential of your desk. It’s your guide to completing everything that needs to be complete, and without it, you may find that a few tasks slip your mind.

Not good.

Mints or chewing gum

After all those morning coffees your breath isn’t going to smell too good, and no one wants to sit next to someone with bad breath. So keep chewing gum or mints to hand for those moments your breath doesn’t feel quite so fresh.

A first aid kit

It’s always a smart idea to have your own personal set of first aid items to hand. Plasters, tweezers, painkillers – whatever it is you think you’ll need, stock up on.

So that’s our list of essential desk items. You probably have a few more to add to the list, because everyone’s different. But these are the bare necessities.