Healthy Office Tips for 2016

Have you made any resolutions for this year? Maybe you have decided to upscale your office equipment with the introduction of a new printer or by renting a modern photocopier, quite possibly, you have decided to eat a little healthier and start to look after your diet a little better from now on.

We can help if you require printers, scanners or copiers, and we’ve also got a few suggestions to help you take a healthier approach to working in the office this year.

Why not walk or bike to work?

Depending on how far away from the office you are, walking to work or riding a bike to the office is a healthy way to complete the morning and evening commute. For those who live a distance away from the office, consider parking slightly further away, this will enable you to walk a short distance at the beginning and the end of the day so you can grab a small pocket of exercise.

Go for a stroll at lunch

Use the hour you get for lunch for exercise purposes. Rather than sitting sedentary in your surroundings, browsing the web from your desk whilst munching a plastic wrapped sandwich, get out of the office and a take a quick power walk for 30 minutes or so. A lunchtime walk is a great way to burn off a few calories and it also refreshes the mind, meaning you return to work feeling slightly more invigorated and ready to blitz your way through the afternoon.

Get up earlier and hit the gym

How many times do you hit snooze on the alarm clock each morning? That wasted time which could be used for exercise. Start the day a little earlier, you could join a gym close to work or go for an early morning swim prior to commuting the office, and get a fix of exercise this way.

Pack your own lunch

Stop buying calorie-infused lunches. Make your own healthier lunch options instead, not only will this save you money it means you can carefully control your input of calories each day thus helping to trim your waistline.

Leave the lift alone

Unless you work on the 100th floor in a tower block building, start using the stairs at work instead of taking the lift. Walking up or down a few flights of stairs will give your legs and heart a quick workout, and you don’t have to squash into a packed lift first thing in the morning either.

See, when you think about it there are various ways you can be a little healthier at work. Simple things like walking to and from copiers, scanners or printers are basic but good ways to get a little exercise, and the points we mention here at Eprint Digital should be fairly useful too!