How to Look After Your Photocopying Machine

Every modern office will have a photocopier. This equipment forms a vital part of office operations. The copying of documents for referral is a necessity for all businesses. Despite the digital age, paper documents are still paramount. Those that take the care to look after the machine will be able to enjoy the photocopier for years to come, as neglecting the machine results in malfunction. The information below outlines a few tips for looking after your photocopier.

The Maintenance Agreement

Upon purchasing the photocopier consumers will receive a maintenance agreement. This document outlines that the manufacturer will service the machine at regular intervals. This servicing will involve checking the functionality of the machine, and replacing any parts that may be in need of it. This servicing is integral, but consumers will need to take additional care to secure the reliability of the machine.

Remove Dust and Debris

As with any other electronic appliance, it’s essential that you regularly clear any dust and debris from the machine. Keeping the machine clean will prolong the life of your photocopier. Dust may appear harmless, however it can negatively impact electronic components; from blocking the fans to causing components to malfunction, especially if the printer becomes very hot. Good practice dictates that you should take some time to dust in around your printer, and the components once a week.

print and photocopier dust

Dust and debris can seriously damage any electronics, photocopier or otherwise.

Keep the Glass Screen Clean

After a period of consistent use the glass screen of your photocopier will become worn. This will have an effect on your prints. There are various solutions that exist to keep the screen clean and numerous products exist that fulfil this purpose. Once the screen is clean, dry the solution with a paper towel to avoid any marks or scratches.

The Split Toner

The final maintenance necessity is to make sure that the split toner is free from dust and dirt. This can be achieved by using a handheld vacuum cleaner. By using a vacuum toner you’ll be able to comprehensively remove any dust and debris.

Appropriate photocopier maintenance is essential. Not only will maintaining the photocopier prolong its longevity, but it will ensure the quality of your prints. However, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about it. If it can no longer copy, the colour replication is poor or it just won’t turn on despite your best efforts; we would love to help. As award-winning photocopier and print experts, we have over 25 years of experience and operate in the North West of England. Your machine might seem dead, but before you spend big on a new machine – contact us!