The purchase of a photocopier can be one of the most expensive financial outlays of any office. For this reason it’s essential that consumers understand what to look for when purchasing the machine. There are a number of factors that influence the decision. Here’s the lowdown on what to consider before purchasing a photocopier.

How You Intend to Use the Photocopier

Having an understanding of just how many copies you intend to make of the documentation is essential. This can be calculated roughly on a daily or monthly basis. Having a basic understanding of how often you use the printer is essential when purchasing a machine.

Duplex Option or Not

The next determining factor is whether or not to purchase a duplex photocopier. A duplex printer allows for double-sided printing a photocopying. This can be set as a default or not. Anyone concerned with keeping paper usage to a minimum would be wise to consider double-sided paper printing.

Standby Energy and Automatic

Make sure that the printer that you choose uses little standby energy and switches off automatically when not in standby mode. Many newer models enter into standby mode the instant that they’re not in use, and are booted very quickly. In addition, some new photocopiers use only 3 watts of standby energy consumption, compared to 690 watts of the older devices.

The Multifunctional Photocopier

You should also consider whether a multifunctional photocopier is for you. These machines can be used for photocopying, printing, scanning and even faxing documents. Not only will they save you space but, they’ll also save you money as opposed to operating a number of different machines.

The Printer Software

It’s paramount to research the software used by the printer. The printer should have the capabilities to meet your needs. Printers that come at considerable expense will have an abundance of integrated software – much of which is very useful for large offices. You can track what is being printed in different departments as well as keeping abreast of and stopping wasteful printing.

These are just five of the considerations that you should always think of when choosing the right printer for your office requirements.