Does your office have an expansive paper trail of documents of different sizes? Are you concerned whether this trail can be more manageable? Do you have a need to print documents on A3 size paper? If these are questions that you’ve asked yourself then perhaps yourself, then your office may well benefit from the use of a scanner.

Simply put, every office must have equipment to handle paper processing. The most common equipment employed is a printer. However an office scanner is equally valuable. Some businesses opt for an integrated scanner-photocopier and some opt for two distinct machines.

The choice of whether to opt for an integrated machine, or a separate printer and scanner is a subjective one. It should be observed that it is more expensive to purchase both a scanner and a printer, and there are benefits to purchasing an integrated printer and scanner.

Many integrated printers and scanners have additional features. These include facsimile functions. However, in order for an office to be able to employ sound working practices, the use of a scanner should always be employed. Integrated printers will have the capacity to allow consumers varying paper sizes as well being multifunctional. If you have the need to have documents of a larger size for clarity, a scanner is advised.

An integrated printer –scanner will save you money. Purchasing both a printer and a scanner will come at a considerably cheaper expense than if you purchase the equipment separately. However, the principal drawback is that you cannot use the functions simultaneously. Those offices that have a business which isn’t primarily in document processing shouldn’t opt for multifunctional machines. The other primary disadvantage is that should either the printing or scanning function breakdown, the whole machine will need to be sent for repair.

Those integrated machines can be very useful for larger A3 size jobs. This is certainly an advantage for offices with a substantial requirement from printer larger documents. It should be noted that this equipment doesn’t come cheap. Yes, the functionality is an advantage, but unless you plan to use the facilities consistently, then the investment must be considered wisely.