It’s not an uncommon problem to be working in a cramped environment but there are certain things you can do to create more room or make it feel more spacious.

Tidy up!

Sorting out your desk space is a must, particularly if you are tight on room. Do you really need all five mugs or the entire colour spectrum of pens and highlighters? Of course, some things are necessary for your job but having a de-clutter can be rewarding in the long run. Although it might be nice to have personal things up around your desk, limit these things to items that actually convey a sense of purpose and give you motivation or inspiration to work.

Use less paper

In a largely electronic world it can be easy to try and latch onto the ‘good old days’ where there was a new sheet of paper for absolutely everything. Decreasing the amount of paper used will decrease the office’s reliance upon filing or storage systems. Invite your co-workers to do the same. Some documents will be essential but you will most likely find notes from a meeting dating back years ago or a doodle from a long Friday afternoon. Get rid of them!

Think shelves

There is never a better time for shelves than when you are running out of space. Keep everything you can out of the way of your desk space so you can work in a tidy and ordered environment. Simple and quick to put up, shelves are one of the most basic storage devices, and don’t even take up any more room on that already cramped floor!

Stand-up meetings

It may seem basic but holding stand-up meetings will prevent the need for an organised chair circle. If your company or office simply does not have enough space to hold a separate meeting room, stand-up meetings counter this issue.  Everyone will be able to see each other still and hear what’s going on, just minus the awkward chair arrangement. The bonus is that these meetings are often shorter too!