It may be daunting at first if you are used to a different environment but have a look at our five tips on how to transition to an office job…

Ask questions first

Make sure you know where things are after your first day. It can be embarrassing to ask about something at a later date so sort out where the bathroom is or the printing room, and what the lunch arrangements are. Before you even start on your first day though, you need to know about the hours, dress code and other important protocols.

It will look good to an employer if you ask lots of relevant questions as it will show your initiative and make you seem genuinely interested in the job and the company. Just don’t ask the obvious things that you should already know before you took the job or after it was finalised. You should already have a contract and/or a job description.

Talk to people

Being the new person among a group of people that have already established bonds can be daunting but it is essential that you make a good first impression. Most people will be happy to help you and get to know you but don’t necessarily wait for someone to make the first move. By all means it will be hard to learn everyone’s names straight away but knowing who your co-workers are will be a big help should you get stuck along the way.

In time you will make lasting relationships so make sure you don’t just keep yourself to yourself at the start. There may even be a member of the team that could act as your mentor, to guide you through the office politics to begin with.

Know who runs the place

Depending on the interview process which led to you getting the job, you may or may not already know who the boss is. Establishing the office hierarchy will help you know who to go to at different times. Highlight the main decision maker in the team and be attentive during meetings to gain as much information as possible about the workings of the company. This will also give you a more comprehensive understanding of the job itself if you know how the offices and overall company are structured.

Understand your job

From the offset you need to have a thorough understanding of what it is that is expected of you and the kinds of job roles you will be doing. It goes without saying that before you even applied for the job you should have at least had a basic understanding of the company itself and the job position.

Working out where you fit within your team and the company on a wider scale with help you complete your work more efficiently and with consistency. Don’t make assumptions about office jobs or even the particular company you will be working for; what are considered traditional standards and procedures may vary somewhat. It is good to arrange a meeting with your supervisor for your first day if it is not already scheduled in, so you know what their expectations of you are right from the start.

Personalise your space

It may seem basic but make your desk your own. It is no lie that being around familiar objects with make you more comfortable. Avoid ‘moving in’ on the first day but once you feel settled into the job, don’t refrain from taking that favourite mug in so you don’t have to drink from plastic cups, or that photograph of your family/friends. Be conservative though. Having anything which could cause offense to another member of the team is a big no-no. The main thing is to create an office space which is personal and inspiring, in order to motivate you with your work.