When considering purchasing a printer for commercial purposes consumers are treated to a wealth of different options. However, generally speaking, printers fall into two distinct categories: portable and stand alone. Identifying the intentions of your printer is paramount to choosing the right printer for your needs.

Printing on the Go

For most of us the days of working nine to five are long gone; as are staying in one building throughout all business hours. Professional printing should reflect this ethos. For this reason, many businesses are less inclined to purchase stand alone, large printers. Manufacturers have recognised this and have developed a number of portable printing models that can be easily transported and are able to print documents whether you’re on the commute or working in a library.

This omnipresent approach to working is further highlighted with the emergence and popularity of tablets and smartphones. Professionals make be struck with a moment of inspiration later in the evening, and wish to print off documentation when at the gym, for example. This can be easily achieved with a portable printer. There really is little need to venture into the office to get work done anymore.

Portable Printer Options

Consumers are treated to a wealth of different portable printers. These printers have been designed with the intention of being fully conversant with either smartphones or tablets, or indeed both. Lightweight, they are easy to transport, and have the capacity to complete all the tasks of office-based printers – providing that you can find a wireless signal, of course.

There are a number of different wireless, portable printers. Some are more conversant with Bluetooth technologies, for example, than others. It’s always wise to thoroughly check the functions of the portable printer you’re using.

There are a number of brands to choose from. Some brands and their products are better suited to mobile platforms than others, for example. If you know that you’ll be using the printer to print photographs, this will affect your choice of printer. Should you require one for commercial purposes, you’ll also have to consider the functions, as mentioned previously.

The type of ink that you printer ink that you will need to use will also have a bearing on the printer you use. Small businesses may be able to claim printer cartridges as business expenses. This will mean that operating the printer is relatively inexpensive to you.

The benefits of employing portable printers for your commercial needs are numerous. Any progressive enterprise should always use a portable printer.