Top 8 office printers of 2016

Top 8 office printers of 2016

One of the most important components of an effective and efficient office is its printers. It is used every day so it has to be the best of the best. A faulty printer in the office doesn’t really lead a client to display confidence in the company. We are going to list the Top 10 […]

7 things to consider before buying an office printer

7 things to consider before buying an office printer

Whether you are looking for a printer for your home office or a bigger office with more employees using it, the huge range of printers available on the market may seem a little overwhelming – all those brands, all those names, all those functions…

3D Printing in a Commercial Environment

3D Printing Explained In very simple terms, 3D printing is the process of printing three dimensional models for a truly lifelike appearance. The current generation of printers have the capacity to print vivid colours and complex imagery, however the mainstream market haven’t yet been fully introduced to 3D printing.

How to choose a printer

Purchasing a printer is a decision that should be considered carefully. There are a multitude of factors to consider, with many often being overlooked by consumers. From the functionality to the type, shape, size to personal use and cost, the factors to be considered are considerable. Here’s a very basic series of tips that all […]

Frustrating Printer Malfunctions – And How to Solve Them

Anyone that’s ever worked in an office of any description, or even used a printer at home, will appreciate that there are times that for, apparently no reason, your printer just refuses to work. Before you return to your computer to frantically begin clicking print repeatedly, or reach for the phone to find an IT […]

A World Before Coloured Printing

The ease with which we print things in colour now seems normal but black and white printers used to be the only thing on the market. Have a look at the how coloured printers work and how they differ from black and white printers below.

Will 3D Printing Shape the Future?

If one factor is assured about innovation and technology it is that technology doesn’t stand still. Everyday new and exciting advances are being created. From biometrics to engaging social platforms, the seemingly impossible is being made possible.

Are Portable Printers best for Commercial Purposes?

When considering purchasing a printer for commercial purposes consumers are treated to a wealth of different options. However, generally speaking, printers fall into two distinct categories: portable and stand alone. Identifying the intentions of your printer is paramount to choosing the right printer for your needs.

The Evolution of the Printer

Over the last decade technology has evolved at an exponential rate. Consider this, the iPod Mini was first released in January 2004. Over the last decade new models have been released every six months.

The Best Printer to Buy in 2014

When any consumer comes to purchase a new printer for the home, they’re usually struck by the sheer abundance of choice that they’re treated to. Now, having choice is good, no one is disputing that, but for those consumers that select their digital products based on performance and reputation, a brief guide of those printers […]