Anyone that’s ever worked in an office of any description, or even used a printer at home, will appreciate that there are times that for, apparently no reason, your printer just refuses to work. Before you return to your computer to frantically begin clicking print repeatedly, or reach for the phone to find an IT professional with the experience to resolve the issue take a deep breath, read and remember this valuable advice.

A malfunctioning printer can occur for a number of different reasons. From a software malfunction to ink shortage or poor connection, there are a number of factors to consider before throwing in the towel:

  • Connection problems: Should your printer be suffering from a connection issue, the resolution is reasonably straightforward. By removing and reconnecting the cable, you’ll find that the printer will noisily fire into life.
  • Ink cartridge not installed properly: On occasion printers can suffer from poor performance due to insufficiently installed ink cartridges. It’s always worth checking to see if each cartridge is installed correctly.
  • The operating system: Why not consider updating the operating system? This could be easier for more technically proficient individuals to complete than others, however it could make all the difference to printer performance. If you’re unsure of how to do this, simply call a reputable IT support business.
  • Ink cartridge issues: If your printer is operational, yet only at a snail’s pace, you may be suffering from ink cartridge issues. This occurs more often than not when your printer is suffering with an inadequate power supply. Once a better power supply is used, you’ll immediately notice enhanced performance.
  • Cartridge low on ink: Perhaps the most frequently occurring issue with a printer is poor print outs. If you frequently encounter print outs of poor quality then your printer will, more likely than not, be low on ink. This means that you’ll need to change the ink cartridges.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity problems: Wi-Fi printers have the additional element of online connectivity. Should Wi-Fi printers suffer from performance-related issues then this may be due to their network connection.
  • Incorrect driver and software installation: When formatting your system, always remember to install the printer driver and software. If you neglect to do this then you will need to re-install the printer. Whilst the printer is being installed on the system this action will be denoted on the machine.

These are just a few of the issues that you can encounter in relation to poor performance. The most important factor to consider is NOT to automatically discard your printer at the first sign of malfunction. Issues can be fixed.