Think of the most successful people on Earth. How did they do it? What did they do differently to everyone else to take them to the top?

Well chances are, they do a number of things differently. And they make those things their habits. If you look closely at interviews and bios on successful people, you’ll notice something. They all have similar habits, habits that make them more productive.

And here those habits are…

Rise early

There won’t be anyone in the top 20 richest list who lies in every morning.

We guarantee it.

Why? Because the earlier they rise, the more time they have to get things accomplished in their day.

It also means that they’ll get a better night’s sleep. At the end of a hard day’s work, they hit the pillow, and they nod straight off. So get into the habit of rising early every day. The mornings are when your mind is at its most fresh.


Exercise is an excellent way to kill stress and make yourself feel great. You very rarely here successful people moan. To them, it’s a waste of energy. They burn off frustrations in exercise and then find solutions to the problem.

It doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym every evening. Go for a walk at dinner, head on a morning run, or buy some weights for home.

Take responsibility

If something goes wrong at work, admit that you made the mistake. Don’t pass it off as someone else’s error. Not only is that bad karma, but it means that you aren’t learning from the mistake.

Read an hour a night

This is a personal preference one, but many successful people take an hour before bed to tuck into a book. Reading helps keep the mind alert, and can improve attention span. You could also use this time to read books related to your industry and to improve your abilities.

Plus, it’ll help you get better sleep.

Take risks

To move forward in big leaps, you must be prepared to take risks. Some of the world’s wealthiest lost everything they had before they made all their money. Don’t be scared of taking a leap of faith. It might just be the best thing you ever do!