There aren’t many people out there that actually enjoy their commute to work. You are on the way to work for starters, but you probably have to deal with morning traffic or a busy train.

So how can you make your commute better? How can you make it work for you?

Plan your day ahead

If you constantly find yourself overwhelmed at work or stressed out by the amount of work you have on, then use your commute to prepare.

Carry work related documents on the tram, plot out designs, draft ideas – use your commute to get ahead of the working day. It’ll reduce stress, and more than likely improve the quality of your work.

Learn language

This one sounds a little far-fetched, but thanks to the invention of smartphones, you can now learn a whole language. There’s one app called Dualingo. Plug your headphones in and turn this app on. It makes language learning fun and addictive. It’s free too!

Do the thing you love

Many people finish work, get home, eat, and then hit the hay, leaving very little time to do the things they love.

So use your commute to do what you enjoy. It may be reading, listening to music, or catching up with the latest Hollywood gossip.

Further yourself

You can use your morning commute on the train to further your skill set. Read up on business related topics, learn about other parts of your industry, revise for exams.

Catch up on emails and social media

Emails and social media can be very distracting during a working day, so remove the need to look at them. Deal with all your messages, whether they’re work related or not, on your way into work. And then during your 9-5 you can concentrate on getting stuff done.

Obviously, these tips only really apply to those of you who ride a bus or train to work. If you’re driving, the only thing you should be doing is concentrating on driving!

Don’t waste 45 minutes in the morning doing nothing. It’s when you’re at your freshest and most alert. Take action and try doing one of these four things.