Today, everyone relies on their computer and smartphone to get stuff done. They’re our offices, our tools of communication, our entertainment – but they’re also constantly at risk. And while you can’t completely eliminate such risks, you can do a few things to reduce them.

Here, we’re going to give a few tips to help you make your computer more secure.

Install a firewall

Put simply, a firewall is a piece of software that monitors what’s coming and going – its job is to keep out the bad stuff! Most computers today come with a pre-installed firewall, so you should be okay. What you may want to do is check its settings – each piece of software works differently, but a quick Google search should help you navigate the firewall installed on your computer.

Anti-virus software

This does exactly what it says on the tin – protects your computer from viruses. Good anti-virus software is a must for everyone, and you don’t have to spend any money finding a good one. There are loads out on the web that do a great job of protecting your computer.

Once installed you need to remember that it’ll need updating regularly to remain affective. Which leads us on to our next point…

Don’t ignore updates

Many people completely ignore the update prompts their computer throws up, but we urge you not to. Sure, ask it to remind you later, but don’t keep putting it off. It can be a little annoying, but these update are designed to help keep your computer secure.

Be password savvy

One common error is having the same password for everything. But think about it – if someone gets hold of that password, they have access to everything. So choose a different password for everything you sign up for. Yes, it sounds like a real chore remembering them all, but it’ll be much better than someone getting hold of your information.

Don’t leave your tech unattended

We’ve talked a bit about threats from online here, but there’s a physical threat too. Your tech is worth money, so it’s obviously a hot target for thieves. Be careful not to leave your laptop or smartphone lying around. You’re asking for it to get stolen then!