Despite the digital age, fax machines have become increasingly depended upon, and hence scarce, in working environments. Despite this businesses throughout the UK still invest in fax solutions, for those that either haven’t considered or don’t use facsimile machines, here’s a list of fivereasons to consider employing fax machines.

They are still used globally

Despite the fact that the internet is ubiquitous, sending and receiving documents via fax is still recognised as essential for business communication the world over. Comparable online alternatives do exist, however the fax machine remains a consistent office staple –there are one hundred million fax machines in use today.

Their Simplicity

The traditional design of a fax machine is simple and intuitive. All you need do is feed the pages that you want to send through the fax, enter the number and sit back for the conformation that the fax has been sent.

Today, sending a fax is as easy as sending an email thanks to fax servers. Consumers are also able to send and receive fax transmissions from any device using email too.

Delivery is assured

Unlike email and mobile text messaging facsimile machines must acknowledge the receipt of the document. The fax machine will provide you with a notification to the user that the document must have been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Faxes can be easily traced

Those sending outgoing fax messages receive notifications that are delivered to the sender informing her of the status of the fax delivery. A successful notification is only generated when the remote device signals that indicate that the transmission was received and reproduced correctly.

Fax servers can be configured to log and archive copies of all inbound and outbound faxes. Integrating multifunctional and peripheral devices (MFPs) with a fax server will allow you to log and archive all your transmissions in a central location which can be accessed by administration and security.

IP Telephony and Fax will save you Money

Employers use fax as opposed to IP telephony technology. By using this infrastructure you can save on telephony costs by eliminating the public switched telephone network as much as possible, and using Internet- based least cost routing.

Typically not as fast as modern fax machines and fax cards, fax over IP solutions can exist in a virtualised environment without the dependency on hardware.

These are just five of the reasons that the fax machine is still an essential component of any office or home environment. If you’ve chosen to forgo this technology then you may want to re-think and consider using a fax machine for general communications.