With modern technology being under constant pressure from an ever-demanding market, it is somewhat refreshing to see certain companies returning to former concepts, ideas and designs. Perhaps the biggest technological revival though is that of the old-fashioned typewriter. Worth a fair bit now, a lot of people are eager to grab up one of these for their home, but why the sudden interest in typewriters?

Vintage Vibe

There is no denying that there has been a boom in vintage possessions over the past few years, but this is not wholly isolated to clothing, jewellery and bags. Furniture and technological items are being added to the wishlists of avid vintage fans with the latest being typewriters.

Not isolated to one specific model, brand or colour, the typewriter can easily fit into any home environment adding a touch of the old-fashioned, whether that is just as an appealing large ornamental item or to be used as well.

Writing Inspiration

When reading old novels or watching films based in times before computers you will be hard pressed to miss the typewriter. An image has grown up surrounding the machine, of classical and famous authors typing away at what would soon become a best-seller or a classical piece of literature.

The tactile pleasure of typing paired alongside the old-fashioned feel can be very appealing. It is understandable then that many modern writers would like to emulate this by having a typewriter of their own to channel their writing inspiration and hopefully create the next big thing!

The Sound

Although computer keyboards have their own tapping tune, typewriters are known for their very specific click click noise, followed by the ding of the carriage return when starting a new line or paragraph. The typewriter creates a different atmosphere entirely from an office environment and perhaps it is this freshness that excites some.

No Distractions

With no access to the internet or games, no way of quickly checking emails or social networking websites, the typewriter can command your full attention. Another bonus for keen writers, it is possible to avoid the external world and concentrate solely on the project at hand. The machine entirely strips back unnecessary features to create something that is ultimately very simple but rewarding too.


Losing work due to a virus or system failure is impossible with a typewriter, making them reliable as stand-alone machines. Again, with no access to the external world, any fears of work being compromised are irrelevant.