Purchasing a printer is a decision that should be considered carefully. There are a multitude of factors to consider, with many often being overlooked by consumers. From the functionality to the type, shape, size to personal use and cost, the factors to be considered are considerable. Here’s a very basic series of tips that all consumers should consider before choosing a printer.

Be Aware of the Sale

We all want a bargain. When considering any purchase with the potential to have us putting our hands in our pockets, we all want value for money. However, one of the biggest mistakes that a person can make is choosing the cheapest printer they see.

Additionally, the reason that the printer may be cheap can be because the ink may be expensive or may need changing regularly. Before choosing a printer it’s wise to consider the volume of printing you’ll be completing, and whether the bulk of your needs are for black and white or colour. The ink cartridge requirements are typically indicated on the cartridge or toner box.

The Type of Printer

Are your printing needs are for commercial or personal purposes? The answer to this question will have a bearing on your decision. The performance of laser printers lends well to professional usage as they have the capacity to cater for large and small groups and are adept at printing a considerable amount of letters, logo’s or basic images.

Printing complex, graphical images requires the superior photo output of an inkjet printer. The consistent replacement of ink cartridges can be expensive. High volume printing isn’t recommended. Inkjet printers are typically cheaper and provide vivid and smooth images. These qualities lend themselves well to graphical images.

The Features of the Printer

You will need to consider what you’ll be using the printer for. Are you planning to print, scan and copy documents? If so you will need a printer with integrated scanning and copying functions. If you need a printer that can effectively manage printing a wealth of documents, you need to buy a printer with a focus on printing documents.

Choosing the printer that meets your needs is paramount. If you’re in any doubt as to what you need, simply take some time to examine your needs.