It’s a huge decision when you choose a photocopier so don’t be tempted to buy the first model you stumble across. There are a number of features and certain functions you should consider before you invest in this type of equipment and here we explore five of the most important.

1.)  Product Manufacturer

With so many different manufacturers to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming when you first start to look for a leading brand name supplier of photocopiers. Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Olivetti and Lexmark are just some of the familiar names you might want to choose, run through the options available from a leading provider of office equipment before you make that final decision.

2.)  Copying Speed and Volume Capability

Check out how many pages per minute the copier will comfortably handle, this varies depending on the specification of the machine.  Quicker copiers are capable of producing larger copy volumes in shorter timescales, this can be important if you need to produce work in high numbers on a regular basis.

 3.)  Connectivity

Does the copier come with functionality so it can easily be slipstreamed within your existing office infrastructure? A good feature to look for is the ability to interface with your office network, choose a copier that works in harmony with your other multifunctional devices.

4.)  Price and Ways to Finance

The cost of the copier is going to be a major influence in your decision-making process. The higher the specification, the more expensive it is likely to be, so have a clear idea of the performance you require from the device before you make a purchase.  Explore ways to finance the purchase too. Renting a copier, for example, can be a low-cost way to equip your office with vital equipment.

5.) After Sales Support

Consider what life will be like once you have invested in a photocopier. If something goes wrong with the equipment will you be covered for spares and repairs, maintenance, and other vital support you will need to keep your office running smoothly? Prior to picking a photocopier, make sure the company you buy it through offers strong after sales support, you’ll find this useful over the lifetime of the copier.

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