Getting the best from your Multi-functioning printers; Tricks, Tips and Hacks

Getting the best from your Multi-functioning printers; Tricks, Tips and Hacks

Printers have become increasingly popular over the years and as personal and desktops computer technology have developed over the years so have the printing technology. Multi-functioning or All-in-one printers were created as an answer to consumers demand for a one stop shop for all your “Printing Needs” needs that include scanning, photocopying and faxing.  Some […]

5 key essentials of buying a photocopier

It’s a huge decision when you choose a photocopier so don’t be tempted to buy the first model you stumble across. There are a number of features and certain functions you should consider before you invest in this type of equipment and here we explore five of the most important.

The History of the Photocopier

The photocopier was invented by Chester Carlson in October 1937. The process was initially called Electro Photography, and was only later renamed as Xerography in 1938. The first known photocopy is known as the 10-22-38, and the photocopying process is regarded as one of the major innovations of the 20th Century. Today, Chester Carlson is […]

Top Five Tips When Choosing a Photocopier

The purchase of a photocopier can be one of the most expensive financial outlays of any office. For this reason it’s essential that consumers understand what to look for when purchasing the machine. There are a number of factors that influence the decision. Here’s the lowdown on what to consider before purchasing a photocopier.

Photocopiers are essential, but expensive pieces of office equipment.

Some small or larger businesses are reluctant invest considerable sums of money in such equipment, unless they are cash rich, are unwilling to consider the interest incurred when paying for such equipment, or have considerable sums of retained profit to dip into. Here is a look at the benefits and pitfalls of choosing to buy, […]

How to Look After Your Photocopying Machine

How to Look After Your Photocopying Machine

Every modern office will have a photocopier. This equipment forms a vital part of office operations. The copying of documents for referral is a necessity for all businesses. Despite the digital age, paper documents are still paramount. Those that take the care to look after the machine will be able to enjoy the photocopier for […]