Today every office features a wealth of technological innovation. From tablets to laptops, printers to photocopiers, scanners or an integrated machine, a productive office has a wealth of devices to assist workflow procedures.

Not only does any office feature a wealth of devices, but with the continual evolution of devices, an increasing amount of offices store discarded devices. This causes a number of issues. What can be done with the overspill of equipment?

The Solution is Recycling

Many businesses merely throw away discarded equipment. This creates an overspill of equipment in landfills across the UK. This will have an adverse effect on the environment. Electronics contain harmful materials like lead, arsenic and mercury that pose danger if left unattended to. All offices should ideally recycle their excess equipment.

Donate Discarded Equipment

If you have electronic equipment that’s still in sound working order, why not donate or sell it to someone that needs it? However, if the device isn’t repairable those materials contained within the equipment can be extracted and reused in new products.

Recycling Computer Equipment

Computers are the most common pieces of electronic equipment in an office. As such offices will have a number of computers that aren’t in use. Instead of merely discarding your computers in a landfill, a professional recycling business will be able to recycle them.

A professional computer recycling business will know how best to recycle any computer. Technicians will analyse and dispose of electronic waste. Reputable recycling plants will hold certified accreditations and direct you to the legal regulations that you’ll have to adhere to when disposing of your computers.

Data Removal and Destruction

Sensitive data will need to be removed and destroyed appropriately. Should a third party gain access to sensitive information, the consequences could be serious. Leading data destruction can guarantee the safe removal of sensitive data.

These are the reasons why, and how to recycle electronic office equipment. If you need to discard electronic equipment that has been used by businesses, it’s advised that you find a reputable business.