Our simple guide for staying productive in the office

Every office is a hub of activity – the whir of the printer; the pattering of keys on a keyboard; the chatter of co-workers as they catch up after the weekend. With all this going on it can be hard to stay on point. Thankfully, there are things you can do to ensure that you […]

How to cut down on office waste

Offices up and down the country create tonnes of waste each day. But as climate change is making its way into everyone’s break time conversation, businesses should be doing all they can to reduce their waste.

Five tips to make your computer more secure

Today, everyone relies on their computer and smartphone to get stuff done. They’re our offices, our tools of communication, our entertainment – but they’re also constantly at risk. And while you can’t completely eliminate such risks, you can do a few things to reduce them.

Creating the perfect home office

While for most of us the idea of working from home is appealing, the reality is that home is full of distractions. And that means that actually getting your work done proves difficult.

Revival of the old-fashion typewriter

With modern technology being under constant pressure from an ever-demanding market, it is somewhat refreshing to see certain companies returning to former concepts, ideas and designs. Perhaps the biggest technological revival though is that of the old-fashioned typewriter. Worth a fair bit now, a lot of people are eager to grab up one of these […]

10 Tips for Office Etiquette

Office Etiquette is an important part of working and will ensure that everyone is in a comfortable and professional environment. Know what is and what is not acceptable within the work space.