Revival of the old-fashion typewriter

With modern technology being under constant pressure from an ever-demanding market, it is somewhat refreshing to see certain companies returning to former concepts, ideas and designs. Perhaps the biggest technological revival though is that of the old-fashioned typewriter. Worth a fair bit now, a lot of people are eager to grab up one of these […]

10 Tips for Office Etiquette

Office Etiquette is an important part of working and will ensure that everyone is in a comfortable and professional environment. Know what is and what is not acceptable within the work space.

How do fax machines work?

What is a fax machine? Short for facsimile which means ‘making an exact copy of’, the telecopying, telefax or fax machine allows a person to send a scanned image of a document or picture to another fax machine or the like.

A World Before Coloured Printing

The ease with which we print things in colour now seems normal but black and white printers used to be the only thing on the market. Have a look at the how coloured printers work and how they differ from black and white printers below.

Top Printer Maintenance Hints

The office printer is essential in any office environment. Keeping your printer in optimal working order is paramount. Should the printer become dirty or damaged the quality of important documents will be compromised. However, regular maintenance will ensure excellent functionality and longevity.

Will 3D Printing Shape the Future?

If one factor is assured about innovation and technology it is that technology doesn’t stand still. Everyday new and exciting advances are being created. From biometrics to engaging social platforms, the seemingly impossible is being made possible.