Are Portable Printers best for Commercial Purposes?

When considering purchasing a printer for commercial purposes consumers are treated to a wealth of different options. However, generally speaking, printers fall into two distinct categories: portable and stand alone. Identifying the intentions of your printer is paramount to choosing the right printer for your needs.

Top Five Tips When Choosing a Photocopier

The purchase of a photocopier can be one of the most expensive financial outlays of any office. For this reason it’s essential that consumers understand what to look for when purchasing the machine. There are a number of factors that influence the decision. Here’s the lowdown on what to consider before purchasing a photocopier.

Photocopiers are essential, but expensive pieces of office equipment.

Some small or larger businesses are reluctant invest considerable sums of money in such equipment, unless they are cash rich, are unwilling to consider the interest incurred when paying for such equipment, or have considerable sums of retained profit to dip into. Here is a look at the benefits and pitfalls of choosing to buy, […]

Five reasons why the fax machine is still essential

Despite the digital age, fax machines have become increasingly depended upon, and hence scarce, in working environments. Despite this businesses throughout the UK still invest in fax solutions, for those that either haven’t considered or don’t use facsimile machines, here’s a list of fivereasons to consider employing fax machines.

The Evolution of the Printer

Over the last decade technology has evolved at an exponential rate. Consider this, the iPod Mini was first released in January 2004. Over the last decade new models have been released every six months.

How to Look After Your Photocopying Machine

How to Look After Your Photocopying Machine

Every modern office will have a photocopier. This equipment forms a vital part of office operations. The copying of documents for referral is a necessity for all businesses. Despite the digital age, paper documents are still paramount. Those that take the care to look after the machine will be able to enjoy the photocopier for […]

The Best Printer to Buy in 2014

When any consumer comes to purchase a new printer for the home, they’re usually struck by the sheer abundance of choice that they’re treated to. Now, having choice is good, no one is disputing that, but for those consumers that select their digital products based on performance and reputation, a brief guide of those printers […]

When to repair and when to replace your Printer

‘Should I replace my printer?’ This is a question that many of us have asked some time or another. Even those that are well-versed in the online stratosphere, are well-schooled in hardware, or have spent a large proportion of their working lives developing or working with software packages may feel fundamentally stumped when their printer […]